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  2. cdk


    By Corey King
    Copyright 2014
    Having just passed the third anniversary of my diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease, I am always interested in how other PDers dealt with their diagnosis.
    This short book of 102 pages walks the reader through the struggles of life of an interesting man and fine writer. He struggled with his Parkinson’s, with memories of childhood molestation, and with God.
    Corey thought he had his life planned out. Everything was going pretty much according to his script. Until certain annoying mannerisms became apparent. Mannerisms that wouldn’t go away, or they went away for a time, but returned stronger than ever. He struggled for almost ten years until he received his diagnosis: Young Onset Parkinson’s. He wondered: Why? Why me? Why now? He sought answers – from his childhood, from science, and from God. He relates his life history with wit, self-depreciation, and humor.
    His description of DBS surgery will be helpful to anyone who is pondering this procedure for themselves. His struggles to find an answer to the question “Why?” will also be helpful to anyone who is also seeking an answer.
    Reviewed by Robert Baldwin, December 2015. Robert was diagnosed with PD at the age of 70 in October 2012.


  3. Steve Laubenstein

    Many believe it is only the choices we make that define who we are and control our destiny. In reality, there are factors outside of our control that shape our lives as well. When external influences change the path we are walking down, we still have the choice of how we will move forward from that point. Corey King shares in his book, Walking the Crooked Path, his story of how circumstances outside of his control shaped the path he was walking down, and the choices he was confronted with making. Corey shares from his heart about his health struggles, the childhood and adult life events that left their scars, and the choices he had to make after things outside of his control altered his path. Probably most importantly, Corey had to wrestle with who he is, in the grand scheme of things, and what his final destiny is. This book will captivate you and help you see more clearly, how those who have a debilitating disease have to adjust their choices as they travel down the path of life. Hopefully it will encourage you to reflect on the choices you make when your path doesn’t remain straight as you intended. This is a must read book to inspire and encourage you about how we can still choose when life has appeared to remove that ability.

    I worked with Corey in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I think about the dinners we had together, enjoying a nice glass of wine, and talking about our plans, hopes, and dreams for our futures. I can assure you that this was not what Corey foresaw in his. I was impressed by Corey back then for who he was and what he represented as a coworker, man, husband, and father. After finishing his book, I can only say that he is truly an inspiration for all of us on how to deal with life’s unexpected trials.


  4. Jacob Jenschke

    Hello Mr. King. It is 10:50 pm and I just finished your book. The staar test is tomorrow morning. I hope you have an “on day” soon so that you may visit us during cyberpatriot.


  5. Lyn

    I’ve just finished your book. You are a terrific writer! What a life story! And, you end it with such hope and encouragement! I know it had to be hard to write, but I thank you for writing it.


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