Attitude is nothing.

And it’s everything.

Corey King was diagnosed with a chronic, incurable disease at age 47. Eight years later, Corey continues his story of fighting disability with humor, honesty, and realistic optimism. Walking With Parkinson chronicles Corey’s journey from diagnosis through denial and acceptance, and finally to defiance. He believes that challenges are made to be overcome and that we all have a purpose, and he illustrates his belief with stories from his own life. Leavened with wisdom created by adversity and compassion learned from friends and family, Corey’s story of finding faith, purpose, and peace in troubled circumstances is an uplifting reminder that we all have challenges, and we all have the power to choose our responses.

Walking With Parkinson contains the complete text of Corey’s first two books, Walking The Crooked Path and Stumbling Toward Victory. A third book-length section, Seeking The Way Home, and an added introduction to the combined edition are also included.

Available in Kindle and hardcopy format on


One thought on “Walking With Parkinson

  1. Bill Lisenby

    Hey Cory, came accros your blog! had to drop out of Steve’s Boxing class due to another spine surgery to replace L2-L3 disc (#6) on Dec 3. Are you still Boxing? Looking forward to reading your blog and maybe rejoining Boxing in a few months🙂


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