Attitude is nothing.

And it’s everything.

Corey King was diagnosed with a chronic, incurable disease at age 47. Eight years later, Corey continues his story of fighting disability with humor, honesty, and realistic optimism. Walking With Parkinson chronicles Corey’s journey from diagnosis through denial and acceptance, and finally to defiance. He believes that challenges are made to be overcome and that we all have a purpose, and he illustrates his belief with stories from his own life. Leavened with wisdom created by adversity and compassion learned from friends and family, Corey’s story of finding faith, purpose, and peace in troubled circumstances is an uplifting reminder that we all have challenges, and we all have the power to choose our responses.

Walking With Parkinson contains the complete text of Corey’s first two books, Walking The Crooked Path and Stumbling Toward Victory. A third book-length section, Seeking The Way Home, and an added introduction to the combined edition are also included.

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3 thoughts on “Walking With Parkinson

  1. Dan cash

    Im 45 been in a long battle with this disease first as a Christian then a marine then a father then a husband then a brother then a neighbor and i am none of these any more barley a person it has come to seem as if no body understands what i say falls and injuries are all to overwhelming and im close to assisted living or fulltime residence in nursing home im new on this blog cant barley use a computer when should we quit trying to fight through this and start trying to not get hurt


    • @crookedpath

      Hi Dan.

      I typically don’t reply to blog comments, but yours brings up a subject which has been bothering me for a while. When, if ever, do we give up and acknowledge that we’re not going to win the fight?

      I don’t know. I think it’s different for everyone. Some of us have burdens and challenges that I can’t even imagine, and me trying to tell you that you should feel or do something that is undoable is false and presumes that I know better than you do. I don’t.

      I’m just trying to tell my own story. Some of it is the way I see things; some is what I wish I saw, and a fair amount is me trying to “whistle past the graveyard” when I get scared. And lately, I get scared a lot.

      The sad truth is that I’m not going to win this fight. None of us do, though, regardless of how great an attitude we have or how strong we are. The human condition is that we all fall eventually. I’m just trying to make it to my personal finish line with a little dignity, living the values that I think are important. The only difference is that I’m describing the landscape that I travel through, for as long as I can.

      None of what I say is instruction set for living, though. It’s just a description of my lived experience.


  2. Bill Lisenby

    Hey Cory, came accros your blog! had to drop out of Steve’s Boxing class due to another spine surgery to replace L2-L3 disc (#6) on Dec 3. Are you still Boxing? Looking forward to reading your blog and maybe rejoining Boxing in a few months🙂


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