Pardon Our Dust…

I’m not dead, nor have I stopped writing.   For any of you who are regular readers (“regular” defined as “every few months,” which is about as regular as it gets here), I’ll be back.

I’m writing a book, and it’s either much harder than I imagined or I’m overcomplicating things.  Perhaps both.  It’s about…everything, and that’s been the problem.  I’ve gotten lots of feedback and encouragement, but I’m a little overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task.  Someone once told me, “When you’re up to your butt in alligators, it’s hard to remember that the original objective was to drain the swamp.”  My original objective was to compile and expand this blog, but there’s been some scope creep – I’m not sure where I’ll end up, but it sure isn’t where I was going when I started.

So, if you like the blog and you wonder where I’ve been, bless your heart and hang in there. I’ll be back, after I’ve either finished or I’ve admitted I’m just playing. I don’t multitask well anymore (if I indeed ever did), but I’m still gathering stories to tell, and some of them are even interesting.   If you use my blog entries to keep track of me, bless your heart and hang in there.  I’m fine, my wife is wonderful, the kids are a joy to behold, and Izzy is still the best dog on the planet. And if you have PD or know someone who does, bless your heart and hang in there.  Life can be a little challenging, especially with the alligators nibbling at the tender parts, but the alternative is unattractive.

Whoever you are, bless your heart and hang in there – see you soon.


6 thoughts on “Pardon Our Dust…

  1. Trish McBride

    Corey….you must have been reading my mind (writing a book)…YOU…not me! You have a special “gift of gab” which has a way of making me hang on to every word…then think….then re-read and think some more as I see the situations in a different light. Your vocabulary and sence of description skills will be the “cherry on the cake” (book that is). I look forward to publication! Blessings as you continue.
    Many hugs, Trish


  2. Julie Anne Nichols

    Hi Corey, Thanks again for helping me through a difficult first year of my PD diagnosis. Even though I have several other issues going on that make my symptoms worse, I am relieved to know that my PD is early on. Hang in there, and thanks for writing the crooked path. God Bless, Julie Nichols


  3. vtelfhouse@gmail.com

    Corey –

    Writing a blog and writing a book are the hardest things to do and to try to make headway with when life is complicated by alligators. Just ask me – I’ve been working on book for several years and have a blog I can’t seem to keep up but every once in awhile (never mind putting my other one on hold last year!).

    Multi-tasking is one of the things that went out the window for me, too, with my PTSD. I now limit myself to no more than 2-3 things at most on any given day – if that. To think of all I used to do when we worked together – no wonder my brain said ‘enough!’. 😉

    All I can say is that regardless of our individual challenges, life is still a blessing and is better than the alternative! I’m glad you are still around. I miss you – and Craig! You two were the best!

    Bless you – and hang in there. I heard alligators can be trained if you give them special treats every day! LoL

    Hugs! Wendy

    Sent from my happy mobile world to yours!



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