Turn-on Day

Today is turn-on day for my DBS system.  I’m hopeful and optimistic that I’ll see benefit the first time, but sometimes it takes a while to get the parameters right – I may have to cultivate patience.

I’ll write more tonight and let you know how the transition from “better living through chemistry” to “riding the lightning” goes.  If you smell smoke, bring a fire extinguisher.

© 2011, Corey D. King

2 thoughts on “Turn-on Day

  1. limburgse

    May this little devise make you run like Jesse Owens, jump like Le Bron James, Dance like Gene Kelly and dive again like yourself!! God be with you!!


    • cdk

      thank you so much, Lenny. hoping I don’t end up running like Mickey Rooney, jumping like Jabba the Hutt, dancing like me, and diving like the Red October :-). I’m optimistic though – stand by for good news!


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