Still Here, Still Me

I’m back on the air, and the two main concerns I had with the procedure are no longer concerns. Thank you all for the flood of supporting emails, Facebook posts, and voicemail – that’s as helpful as anything the doctors and nurses are doing for me.

The procedure itself went like clockwork yesterday, beginning with “the shaving” and ending with implantation of the stimulator system and zipping me back up in various locations. According to the neurosurgeon, the implantation process went so well they didn’t need to do additional testing and validation that they normally do. Once again I’m lucky in a lot of ways.

I’m falling asleep about every 10 minutes, but I feel great. More later.

One thought on “Still Here, Still Me

  1. Sheila Dipprey

    Good work my friend! As usual, you have over exceeded all expectations and wowed us all. We will be thinking of you tomorrow in YOPD group meeting. Nothing like a unified positive energy burst! As always, our prayers and good thoughts continue. /we love you, Cory. Biz Journal wants to do an article on your progress in July. Sheila


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