Walking the Crooked Path

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Corey King was sure there was nothing really wrong – just unexplained soreness and stiffness, the sure signs of advancing middle age.  He was unprepared for diagnosis at age 46 with an incurable, degenerative disease, and for the harsh light it cast on buried secrets, unresolved problems, and everything he believed was true.  On a crooked path from a childhood history of abuse to the cockpit of a military jet and the boardrooms and laboratories of the high-tech business world, Corey struggled to answer questions that plague us all.  Who am I?  Why am I here?  How do I keep going when there seems to be no hope? ‘Walking the Crooked Path’ is Corey’s story of confronting a devastating diagnosis with painful honesty and wry humor, and of unexpectedly discovering forgiveness, redemption, and faith.

“Using clever commentary and realistic reassurance, King’s comforting memoir details his struggle with early-onset Parkinson’s disease.  […] King’s story is humbling and inspiring, sparkling with honesty, humor and faith.  An engrossing, informative read for anyone intrigued by the concept of finding peace and happiness while in the grips of terminal illness.”

– Kirkus Reviews (read the full review here).

“A must read for anybody struggling with a chronic disease, especially Parkinson’s…”

– Michael Church, Parkinson’s advocate, author (Living Well With Parkinson’s Disease), co-founder pdoutreach.org

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